Beata J Storey

A lifelong love for fashion converges with a fervent commitment to change and protect our world.

The fashion designer Beata sitting outdoor infront of a green door next to a coffee table wearing stylish clothes

Born To Design

From a childhood surrounded by sumptuous fabrics and intricate trims, Beata J literally grew into her role as a designer. Her mother's refusal to conform to ordinary attire led to the creation of one-of-a-kind garments, instilling in Beata a deep appreciation for extraordinary style and unique fashion that continues to shape her artistic journey.

Requesting an iconic orange dress with white polka dots from the "Burda" magazine marked a pivotal moment in Beata's life to her mother, the dress became a symbol of standing out for those who cannot speak for themselves, a sentiment that remains at the core of Beata J Collection.

A Burda, sewing fashion magazine with patterns for unique garments and the polka-dot dress that Beata wore to save animals

Seasonless Design / Sustainable Fabrics

Embracing a plant-based lifestyle before the term "vegan" became widely known, Beata felt a profound connection to the planet. Her childhood experiences fostered acceptance of diverse perspectives, promoting oneness, tolerance, universal peace, and love. Despite the cultural richness of city life, Beata's trips to her paternal grandma's farm in southwest Poland played a crucial role in shaping her commitment to thoughtfulness, ethics, and authenticity.

In pursuit of ultimate comfort, universally flattering structures, top quality, and sophisticated style, Beata embarked on a quest for sustainable and recyclable fabrics. The innovative scuba-like fabric, inspired by top-performance 4-way stretch technology, emerged as a solution to eliminate chemical-based materials, reduce CO2 emissions, and minimize energy/water consumption. Beata J Collection was conceived as a response to the incongruity of enjoying garments that inherently pollute the environment we depend on for our well-being.

sustainable, durable, luxury fabric used in Beatta J brand

Less Harm, More Good

Taking a stand in her iconic orange dress on her grandmother's farm, Beata locked herself in the coop overnight to shield the hens from Sunday's soup. This act of empowerment marked the genesis of a mission—to merge a powerful and positive message with the creation of an ethically sourced and sustainable clothing line.

Beata's encounters with powerful, endangered animals, such as tigers and wolves, fueled her determination to contribute to their preservation. The Beata J Collection is more than a fashion line; it's a commitment to less harm and more good, embodying an ethos of ethical sourcing, sustainability, and positive impact.

Beata, 9 years old standing in front of the house with her dog Argos, wearing the orange polka-dot dress.

Seeded in the Past, Inspired to Protect the Future

The love of clothing and design spans four generations in Beata’s family. Love for timeless, elegant fashion styles with military and sports uniforms has been a long family tradition, which continues to inspire Beata's drive to design season-less styles.

Traveling across Europe as a child, Beata chose unusual outfits that were getting attention in her home country. Fearless and determined, Beata was motivated to move to Paris at 17, to pursue her love of art and design. Beata was modeling, attending fashion shows, and shaping her own noticeable style. An opportunity to travel to California arose, which allowed her to continue with her education in art, design and business. For the next decade Beata worked as a designer for large clients in Los Angeles.

Beata's grandmother at work as a seamsless prior to WW2

The Dream Comes Into Focus

In 2016 Beata launched Gold Leaf Style. Her mission was to unify high-end European trends, attention to detail, structure and flexibility with a distinctive, avant-garde style that Beata has come to be known for. The line was financially successful but riddled with compromises that Beata wasn’t willing to make.

Beatta J Collection was born. A company that would make a difference with causes close to Beata’s heart: environment, animal welfare and compassionate living for all. Beata is committed to elevating the lives of women, creating harmony and injecting peaceful solutions to our planet.

1st fashion brand by Beata: Gold Leaf Style

Mission Statement

BEATTA J COLLECTION is an independent brand based out of Laguna Beach, CA that offers high quality, custom, hand-made garments designed with purpose to impact Our Planet. Design ideas and artwork are driven and inspired by the creative process based on the admiration of geometry, nature, animals, sacred fractal imagery, modernism and connectivity to Universe.

Luxury, high-end apparel, limited edition only, modern style, exceptional quality and innovative designs collectively make Beatta J Collection timeless, exquisite, stylish and classy lifestyle brand. Our power speaks without words but bold statements through wearing fashion with purpose and meaning that are undeniable, inspiring and beautiful.

At Beatta J Collection we are more than just a fashion brand; we are a movement of empowered women on a mission to change the world for the better.

Beata's headshot in color, smiling sitting at the table in stylish and colorful outfit

With Love 💚 Beata

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