Presenting 'Tops' from our debut 'Conscious Seeds' collection—painstakingly crafted in the USA, limited to just 75 garments per style. These tops redefine the essence of luxurious street-wear style, comfort, and creativity, ensuring you command attention wherever your path leads. Our tops, including blouses and T-shirts, are embodiment of uniqueness, vibrant hues, and compelling messages.
Fashioned from Eco-friendly, foiled distressed fabric, they effortlessly complement any outfit, embodying ultimate elegance and flexible luxury. This collection goes beyond mere fashion; it's a jubilation where style and creativity converge, empowering you to reveal your inner beauty with exceptional aesthetics.
Each top is a wearable masterpiece, inspired by meticulously chosen artwork. More than a garment, it's a reflection of your dynamic lifestyle—whether on the go or for those special occasions—crafted to withstand time and leave a lasting impression. Wear it boldly, showcase the embedded artwork, articulate your values, radiate enhanced beauty, and embrace the innate power within you.